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35 Sacle Academy M113A1 APC kit:
Conversion Set of the Australian
M113A1 FSV 'Saladin' Turret 
From the Collection of Rob Storey


Prices are in Australian Currency:

Include GST


Minimum Mail Charges;




Larger orders or International charges by Arrangement.
Prices will be updated shortly and listed in both $USD and in Euro's


35 Scale Australian Centurion Mk V/i Conversion Set
Fitted to the Tamiya Centurion III kit
Model from the Private Collection of Rob Storey

24 Scale:
BMC Minilight Wheel Set $22.50
Ford Sierra Conversion Set $27.50
Disposable N0 11 Scalpels $2.00
Disposable Pippets [bag of 10] $5.00
Superfine $5.00
Fine $5.00
Figureine and Diorama bases:
Square Figurine Base
Square Diorama Base
Rectangular Diorama Base 
Assorted sizes to be listed shortly
Prices to be updated


Cockpit detail and Fishtail Exhausts Resin Set
For the Rev/Mon PBY Catalina kit



Mk XXI Beaufighter, showing Resin Enhancements in the lowered position

Tamiya LRDG 30Cwt Chev kit:
Sratch Built, with Scale Magic Resin Sand Tyres, model owned and built by Cliff Hutchings


35 Scale:
LRDG 30Cwt Chev Sand Tyres $27.50
M113A1 FSV 'Saladin' Turret Conversion $55.00
Mk V/I Centurion Conversion $80.00
Mk V Centurion Turret Only $65.00
Mk V Centurion Dozer Only $20.00


48 Scale:
Beaufighter Family:
Complete Conversion Sets from Mk's I to XXI
or as individual components:
Horizontal Tailplanes $12.00
Control Surfaces Set $27.50
Universal Bomb Racks shrowded $6.50
Pilot Seat $6.50
Rudder $6.50
Zero Length Rocket Rails $15.00
60lb H.E. Rockets $15.00
Avenger Family:
Grooved Land tyres $12.50
Wing Flap set $25.00
Mosquito Family:
2 Stage Engine Set $27.50
57mm Molins Gun $15.00
Crew Seat Set
Catalina Family:
Fishtail Exhausts Set $8.50
Cockpit Detail Set includes Fishtail exhausts $25.00
Hedgehog Exhausts
Boston/Havoc Family:
A20c Nose Cone Set $25.00
Cockpit detail set inc RAAF Raft
Modern Jet Ejection Seats:
A4 Skyhawk $12.00
F4e Phantom II $22.00
FA/18 Hornet $12.00
W.W II Fighter Seats:
P 51 Mustang Family $6.50
Hawkwr Typhoon $6.50
Spitfire / Hurricane Family
Miscellanious Components:
1820-56 Cycone Engine $37.50
*1830 Cyclone Engine
*B25j 8 Gun Straffer Nose Set
Aircraft Conversions Sets:
*DC-3 Passenger Seating Conversion
Avro Lincoln Conversion long or short nose $85.00
*Avro B I/III Lancaster Conversion
*Avro Lancaster 'Dam Buster' Conversion
*S.Spitfire Mk Vc Conversion
* Future Releases:

Scale Magic
The Creative Model Workshop
Incorporating Shadoworks Resin
Contracted to the Royal Australian Air Force

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