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Our History:
The 3 founders of this group simply used a collective of their first name intials by calling themselves GRW Products but over time, with demands of consignment and contract works either with repairs or building models for, Travel Agents, Transport and Shipping Companies, Defence Forces and or Defence Recruiting, Veterans Associations, GRW Products changed their name to Shadoworks. 
The demand for our services and or assistance is known around the World, from modellers, Model kit Manufacturer's and International or National Decal Manufacturer's, in 2002 Rob was sourght after by an Instructor from the Officer Training School of the Royal Australian Air Force, who had a very long list of wanted models significant to the history of the R.A.A.F that they wanted built for the School.
Covering the RFC days of World War I to the Iraqi Freedom Conflict which the school intended use as a form of Training Aide as part of the students Course, this lead to a substantail contract of models being built and this lead to a change of name to Scale Magic.
With the demands for our services, both local and around the world it was decided between the three that one person manages the daily running, liason with exsisting and future customers, general inquiries, web and forum sites, model exhibition trading and this task was bestowed apon Rob.
Model Companies we have assisted:
21st Century Toys, Accurate Miniatures
Cooper Resin Products
Eduard, Special Hobby
Victory Decals

Our Customers:
Are Hobby Shops around Australia, to Modeller's in the following Countries.
Belgium, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaya, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweeden, United Arab Emerites, United Staes and Wales.

Our visions and beyond:

New Releases:
Resin Products and Conversions
Liason with a Local Decal Manufacturer, to produce RAAF WW II decal subjects. Running the 60th Aniversary Pacific Project on another model forum site, {now completed}.
Setting up the Scale Magic Foum board.
Running various Group Build projects of model topics or subjects of interest.
Organising to conduct a Model Workshop.
Setting up a Pacific Theatre Appreciation Group.


Background of our Founders:
Rob [Standing] Shop Trade Stall
Melbourne Model Expo 2003


Rob Storey:
Head of the Group, Liason and Customer Contact, manages the Trade Stands at Model Exhibitions, teaching basic Air Brushing Techniques and talks to school  clubs in general model building skills. Member of a Model Club.
Judges at Open Model Competitions.
[Who retired June 2005 at 55, he is sadly missed by all]
Rob was the 2006 President of the N.A.M. Club
Wayne Hines:  
The Multi-Media / Vacform kit Guru.
Founding Member of a Model Club.
Judges at Open Model Competitions.
Glen Hambleton:
Called 'Junior' by most who know him, founder of the Flight 19 Appreciation Group and liason with a kit Manufacturer for a decal sheet and Liason with a Toy Manufacturer.
The TBF/TBM Avenger aircraft Expert of the Group.
Model Club Member

Scale Magic
The Creative Model Workshop
Incorporating Shadoworks Resin
Contracted to the Royal Australian Air Force

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