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The Owner of Scale Magic.

Has been building models as a hobby over the past 50 years, in both formats of plastic kits or radio controlled subjects, but after returning back to the plastic kits, with an interest in Australian Service Aircraft, from the late 1930's to around 1955 era, a heavy interest in the Second World War period of the Pacific region, or of service personal in either Europe or North Africa.

Worked in the retail side of the Hobby for over 10 years and is well known on various International Model Forum sites, who has written several build up and product, reviews for a local model Magazines.

Built models for Agents used in the Australian Toy and Hobby Fair displays, or Club displays at exhibitions and runs a Model Competition held in November as part of a Community Arts Festival, as well as teaching the odd group of youngsters, during the school holidays and also, teaching Airbrushing techniques to beginners, both in or out of a newly founded Model Club.